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2012. május 11., péntek

The 5th International Europe Lodges Symposium

The 5th International Europe Lodges Symposium

Wien Coat of Arms
The 5th International Symposium of Europe Lodges was held in Wien, Austria, during 11-13 May 2012. Wien is a great city, former imperial capital city, and everybody felt this reality, in many ways. The event was organized by our Brothers from Europa zu Neuen Welten Lodge and it has proved to be an important Masonic meeting.
Due to the higher level of discretion required by the Austrian Brethren, fewer words will be written hereunder.
The guests arrived on Friday, the 11th of May, and were accommodated in various locations. A welcome dinner took place in the same evening.
Here is the list of attendant Lodges:
  • Europa zu Neuen Welten from Wien, Austria
    Stephan's Dom
  • La Chaine D’Union Européene from Longwy, France
  • Evropa No. 27 from Belgrade, Serbia
  • Evropa from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hertzegovina
  • Porta D’Europa from Ispra, Italy
  • Europa 92 No.1078 from Florence, Italy
  • Europa No. 765 from Riccione, Italy
  • Európa Akáca a Mátraalján from Gyöngyös, Hungary
  • Europa Unită No. 27 from Bucharest, Romania
together with friends from many Lodges, both Austrian and Cyprian.
Entrance of the Grand Lodge of Austria
The works of the Symposium began in the next morning and were conducted by Bro\Christian T., Past Master of Europa zu Neuen Welten Lodge. The theme was “The Europe Lodges and the Current Challenges in Europe”. You will find hereinafter a selection of the papers which have been delivered on the occasion.
Austrian Masonic Temple

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