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2011. július 23., szombat

Kizárták a norvég terroristát a szabadkőművesek

Norwegian Terror Suspect's Masonic Membership

A photo of alleged Norwegian mass-murderer, Anders Behring Breivik, dressed in Masonic regalia has been widely circulated across the web over the last two days. So, naturally, the usual lineup of anti-Masons, from the Daily Mail to David Icke and Alex Jones, are having a field day naming Breivik as a foot soldier in some worldwide Masonic revolution.

Grand Master Ivar A. Skaar of the Grand Lodge of Norway has posted the following message on the GL website today:

"I am appalled by the terrible crime has been committed in the government quarter and the Utøya," says the Norwegian-order Masonic Grand Master, Ivar A. Skar.

We [express] sorrow and compassion for those who have been affected and their relatives.

It has emerged in the media that the accused has been a member of the Norwegian Order of Freemasons. He is now excluded with immediate effect.

Exclusion is an expression of the acts he is accused of having carried out and the values ​​that appear to have motivated them is completely incompatible with what we stand for that order.

We build our business on Christian and humanist values ​​and want our members to contribute to the promotion of charity, peace and goodness in people.

The police will of course get all the help and information we can help with."

One source says Breivik's membership was in St. Olaus T.D. Tre Søiler No. 8 (the lodge of St. Olaf at the Three Columns) in Oslo. The Grand Lodge of Norway has approximately 20,000 members. It follows the Swedish Rite, which requires its members to declare a belief in Christianity.

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