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2010. május 7., péntek


 We are visiting this annual conference as one of a youngest lodge of the chain. The Europa Akáca a Mátraalján – ACATIAE EUROPEAE IN SINU MATRÀ is the youngest and one of oldest lodge at the same time in Hungary. The first lodge was established in 1749. The Freemasons started to work in profane world in an abbey of Franciscan in the baroque age. The Habsburgs had forbidden every kind of convent, Franciscans too. The catholic bishop from Eger gave a helping hand to the Franciscans. He had given them the right to celebrate mass, so they could operate further. (So it is not surprising, then Empress Maria Theresa is “the Queen of the Night” in the opera Magic Flute by Mozart). The supporter of Franciscans was the Bishop from Eger Eszterházy Károly, whose brother was prince Eszterházy, who worked at the lodge of Born Ignác in the town of emperor, Vienna.
Eger Eszterházy KárolyThe Egriens work at our lodge nowadays, too. Joseph Haydn was conductor and compositor at the emperor house for 40 years. I have attached a replica of the panting that was painted in 1785, in Vienna. Eszterházy had shaken the hands of the initiated and covered eyes brothers at the center of the painting. The men with pony tail hair in long brown coat are Joseph Haydn. The media treats the painter as unknown, but he is our brother Ignaz Unterberger. The painting was painted in 1785. The Freemasonry Franciscans arrived to Gyöngyös in 1782. They were of French nationality. They had stayed in the abbey till 1786. We do not know them name by name, but we hope to find documentations related to them the next years. They have celebrated the first freemasonry work. The Bishop Eszterházy Károly who saved the operation of Franciscans had made several freemasonry works and donated them. His membership was not mentioned; otherwise he would become excommunicated by the church.
The other lodge - the profane one, operated in the castle of Orczy Lőrinc (from 1781), but finally it moved to the earl’s wine cellar, near in Farkasmály, and they had worked from 1784 on. Our lodge is operated 30 meters from that cellar. We do not have proof, that the two lodges knew about each other or worked together, but we definitely know the Franciscans were invited by Orczy and Freemason brothers in the cellar at Farkasmály.At the beginning of 20 century, between 1906 and 1920, a lodge was operational and named Akác a Mátraalján (Acatia under the Matra hill). GyongyosThe Freemasonry was forbidden in 1920, so our brothers worked in secret. The downtown of Gyöngyös was burnt totally by a great fire in 1917. The reconstruction was led by brothers. Most of the leaders were our brothers - the mayor, the main leader of the reconstruction, the fonder of the local fire brigade and the many of others. 74 brothers worked at the lodge in that time. These forefathers engage hard work to the third - let me say - forth lodge, because two of them were operated simultaneously in baroque age. Our lodge was founded by 9 brothers, now 14 of us work. We explore and process as an exploratory lodge not only the Freemasonry, but the culture of micro region Mátralja also.
The Franciscans moved The Supporter Center for Children with Autism into the half of their abbey. They nurse and teach 35 children – as much as they can - who are not affiliated into any other Hungarian institute because of serious status of their autism. The circumstances are demonstrated well, with the fact that 35 patients are nursed by 40 employees. We donated them the computers (previously they had only one). Finally they can plan now a complex and difficult drug (medicine) dosage program at the clinic, thanks to the computers donated by us. One of the kids is a genius on the computers (he is not able to communicate in any other way, only via computer). We brought the computer to him too. Analyzing the situation, we support the institute for years according to their demand. We help several schools in the town with the publications, prepared by us, which are used on field of polytechnic and linguistic. Hungary is in the middle of alteration circumstances. Based on our former calculation, 8-10 years are necessary to show the first results of our work in Gyöngyös, due to our agenda. It is our pleasure – to be here at the Conference of the European Lodges and the visiting of the "Europe" Lodges in the future.
Our code word is SUCCISA VIRESCIT, the carved tree gets green again.Meanwhile we understand the common acacia, because the Freemasonry was forbidden and pursued for half of the century not only in Hungary, but around us also. We wish the huge obstacles will not be a part of our common future again, and the European Breather chain get stronger continuously.
Tibor E.
W\M\ of Lodge Europa Akaca a Matraaljan, Or\Gyongyos

Forrás: Előadás az Európa páholyok 4. Nemzetközi Szimpóziumán: http://www.fmsne.wbd.ro/chain-of-union-egly

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